Saturday, December 31, 2016

12 Looks of 12 Months | 2016

I'm sitting on my couch here in Montana, watching Jurassic World, and thinking back on the year behind me.  As tough as parts of this year were (the death of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher destroyed me), I've also been really lucky this year.  I completed my first year at an American university which helped me live out my dream of moving to London to study fashion.  I've gone through a number of changes this year, but I couldn't be happier.  
Whilst reflecting on this past year, here are 12 of my favorite looks.  Happy New Year everyone!!  May 2017 be (hopefully) great!

Elizabeth xx

Alright... so on a few of these I'm cheating.  I technically took these photos in January, but didn't post it until the beginning of February.  Plus all of my 'official' January posts were leftover pictures from my trip to the UK the previous year.

Another cheat, sorry.  Again, I may have technically posted this in June, but my cousin's wedding was in May, so that's where I'm placing this one.

Let me explain this one; I didn't post at all in October meaning I would only have 11 looks.  In September, I was in both Montana and London, so I decided to post one from each place.


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