Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wishlist | December 2016

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As the end of the school term is near and Christmas is right around the corner, I keep finding myself doing some online (window) shopping.  I have lots of deadlines looming, and whenever I give myself a break (maybe a few too many breaks) I'm back online.  There are a few specific pieces, like the jeans and the ankle boots, that I've been looking at for what feels like months now.  I've been close to adding them to my basket on a few occasions, but I have to keep reminding myself that Christmas is only weeks away!  When did that happen!?  Plus, a little birdy told that one of my family members might be getting me these boots for Christmas.  While the dresses and the blouse will most likely remain unpurchased within the next month or so, I might be able to convince myself to buy the puffer jacket and/or the jeans.  I've been after some raw hem jeans for a while now, and I love the patchwork aspect of this pair.  And even though it seems I keep buying jackets, I'm *this* close to buying a puffer jacket.  Whether it's the one I've listed here or another, it's surprisingly chilly in London.  Back in Montana it's achingly cold, but we also have cars to get everywhere, so in a sense, you don't spend as much time outside (unless you're a skier, which I never was).  However, in London, I'm always walking everywhere and spending more time outside.  It may not be as cold, but after spending a few hours out there, the temperature still gets to you.
If I do decide to get any of these items, I'll probably be posting it on Instagram first, so be sure you're following me - @itselizabethclaire!

Elizabeth xx


  1. Where did she come from

    Where did she go

    Where did she come from Cotten eyed joe

  2. You should definitely get the jeans hun! I love that puffer jacket - it's such a good dupe of the balenciaga one. I've also been pondering over whether I should get one, I'm totally sucked into the style, but I'm not too sure whether its just that bit too trendy and I'll only wear it a couple of times. Hmmm, I am tempted though!


    1. That's how I felt at first about the jacket, but I'm going back home to Montana in a few weeks and it's going to really, really cold while I'm there (think -20 degrees Celcius, if not colder), so I think I could be wearing it a lot!

      Elizabeth xx


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