Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cold Ankles

Shoes - Public Desire | Jeans - Marks & Spencer | Shirt - Forever 21 | Coat - John Lewis | Belt - Asos | Bag - Clark's | Sunglasses - Target

I seem to have an act for not dressing weather appropriately.  I received these beautiful Stella McCartney inspired flatforms for Christmas, and I just couldn't wait to wear them.  Despite the single digit temperature and the blistering cold wind, I just had to go out and shoot these.  They are surprisingly comfortable, but they are scary to walk in in snow and ice.  I cannot tell you how many times I almost tripped while walking from the car to this area to shoot (it was maybe 15 feet).  After taking these photos, I gave up on trying to walk around in the snow and switched into my Adidas for the rest of the day.
My ankles probably also didn't appreciate the fact that I paired these shoes with my new, cropped jeans.  If you remember from a few posts ago, I made a wishlist of some clothes that I was eyeing at the time.  One of the items was this pair of jeans from M&S, and I eventually gave in and bought them.  I ordered them online, so when I received them they were a lot shorter than I had anticipated.  I almost returned them out of fear of them being too short, but I loved the patchwork quality and the raw hem so I let them stay.
Despite being terrible shoes for winter in Montana, I already know that they'll be perfect when I return to London.

Elizabeth xx

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