Friday, March 17, 2017

Old and New

Jacket - H&M | Blouse - Pimkie | Trousers - Jennifer Lopez for Kohls | Shoes - Matty's

I've always envied bloggers who wear new clothes in every one of their posts.  They always seem so glamorous and their clothes pristine.  When I first started blogging, that was a goal of mine where I could get to a point where I'd be able to always wear new clothes.  Now that I've been doing this for four years, I've come to peace with it.  When it comes to blogging, it's good to have goals, but to do it just to get famous or get free things isn't the way to go about it.  Blogging should be an enjoyable experience; something that you want to keep doing just for the fun of it.  If new clothes happen to come your way, that's even better.  But before that happens, you're going to have to re-wear your clothes... a lot.  Take my shoes for example.  I remember I bought these shoes right before the start of my senior year of high school, and that was the summer of 2014 (how is that already three years ago??).  Despite me having them for such a long time, they're still a favorite pair of mine, and I always get compliments when I wear them.  My shoes aren't the only 'old' thing I'm wearing; these trousers I genuinely can't remember when I got them, but I'm pretty sure I already had them when I bought these shoes.  This shirt, however, is brand new... or at least it is to me.  I bought it back in January during my trip to Paris.  I've still barely worn it, and it's one of the newest pieces in my wardrobe.  Although, the newest thing, though not really a piece of clothing, would have to be my haircut.  I know that I mentioned my haircut in my last post, but I just wanted to say that after two weeks, I think I'm finally used to it (and, of course, love it as much as I did when I first got it).
With all of this being said, if anyone does want to send me free clothes, I'd happily accept them.  :)

Elizabeth xx



  1. I've had a similar goal in the past where I've always wanted to wear something brand new, but realised it's leads to a ton of money spending! instead I sometimes wear the same things but in new and interesting ways. Love this look by the way, especially the coat!


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