Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On the Milk Train

Jacket - H&M | Jumper - H&M

I don't normally do food focused posts, but I enjoyed this ice cream place so much I just couldn't resist.  Located just off of Trafalgar Square, the Milk Train Cafe has become famous for its cotton candy 'clouds' it produces.  When my friends and I first decided to go there, we actually convinced one of my other friends that it was a train that travels across London where you can sample different flavors of milk.  In actuality, it's the cutest, but smallest, soft serve ice cream place you'll ever go to.  They only have two flavors of ice cream a day: vanilla and the flavor of the day that's constantly changing.  Though only having two flavors of ice cream, they have endless amounts of toppings, and of course, the cotton candy cloud.  I decided to get the vanilla ice cream, with Oreos, rainbow sprinkles, and the cloud.  It was so delicious, but one of the sweetest things I've ever eaten.  A piece of advice?  Get extra napkins.  Lots of them.  I somehow made the biggest mess while eating mine; I felt a bit like a child from the mess I made.  This ran me about £6 as the cotton candy is an extra pound and there are some extra charges for additional toppings.  All in all, I'd definitely recommend it... even if it's just for the Instagram. ;)

Elizabeth xx


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