Sunday, May 14, 2017

Queen of the Desert

Blouse - H&M | Jeans - Asos | Shoes - Pull & Bear | Sunglasses - River Island

The seven days I spent in Abu Dhabi were amazing, but sadly everything must come to an end.  On my last day there, I realized that I had yet to see any dunes or camels.  It was one of the things that was high on my list to see, but since I was leaving so soon, we didn't have enough time to schedule a camel ride.  So the next morning (the day of my flight back to London), we all woke up early and drove out to the desert so I could finally see some camels.  I would have loved to be able to ride one, but it was still great to be able to see some in their natural habitat.  I also had no idea that camels came in so many colors.

I was tempted to title this post something relating to Star Wars because before we went out to the dunes, I told my dad that I wanted the photos to look like they were in the Star Wars universe but with a high fashion twist.  Personally, I think I really achieved that goal.  I was inspired by this photo/GIF of Rey and BB8 from The Force Awakens.  What's cool is that parts of The Force Awakens were actually filmed near Abu Dhabi, so it almost felt like I was actually there on Jakku.  Growing up in a snowy, mountainous town nowhere near any sand, walking on this terrain was not at all what I was expecting; frankly, I'm surprised I never fell because there were many moments that I for sure thought that I was going down.  The espadrilles that I purchased the day before ended up being a great choice to wear there because they were easy to walk in but also easy to get rid of the sand from them.  I paired the shoes with classic skinny jeans and a white, off-the-shoulder blouse, that I also purchased the day before.  I was tempted to wear a dress, but the combination of having my flight later that day and not knowing how difficult it would be to walk on the dunes made me decide to go the easier route of jeans.

This is my last post of my Abu Dhabi series.  I hope you enjoyed reading them!  I definitely enjoyed the trip, and I hope I can go again one day.  I have one more holiday planned before I go back to the US for the summer; this one will be nowhere near as long or far away as this one was, but I'm excited for it none the less.  Keep checking back for it!

Elizabeth xx


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