Monday, May 1, 2017

On the Palm

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During my relatively short stay in Abu Dhabi, I was able to squeeze in a day trip to Dubai.  It was a great day - a hot day, but a great one none the less.  My family and I actually spent most of the day at the Dubai Mall, aka the largest mall in the world.  Amazingly, not much shopping was done there because we spent a lot longer at the aquarium than expected!  Being the largest mall in the world, it should come as no surprise that it has an aquarium in the middle of it.  I hadn't been to an aquarium in ages, and this one did not disappoint.  You enter through a tunnel containing many sea creatures - including sharks!  Then you go up two levels where you can see the rest of the other sea creatures and animals.  My personal favorites were the otters and the penguins.  I was able to meet two of the otters, and they were just the cutest (Diego especially)!! In my opinion, the aquarium is definitely worth a stop.
We also tried getting tickets to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, which has an entrance in the mall, but the were two reasons as to why we didn't make it up: 1) The main reason was that they sold tickets in time slots, and the next available time slot they had wasn't until later that evening.  Since it was just a day trip to Dubai, we wanted to leave before then.  2) The other reason was that it was very hazy that day, so the view from the top wouldn't have been very good anyway.
After hitting the mall, we made the quick stop at the Palm.  The Palm Jumeirah is a man-man "island" of sorts that was build in the shape of - you guessed it - a palm tree.  Most of the island is made up of resorts, hotels, and pricey apartments; its most famous one probably being The Palm Atlantis.  I would have loved to walk along the beach, but since we weren't guests at any of the resorts/hotels, we just had a quick walk along the boardwalk.  Why a quick walk, you ask?  It was oh-so hot that day, and after only five or so minutes, we were dripping in sweat.  Hot weather can be a challenge when your favorite color's black.  After admiring the coast and sea, we went back to our car, turned the A/C on high, and drove back to Abu Dhabi.

If I'm ever able to go back to the UAE, I'm going to make sure that I schedule more time in Dubai.  There's some much to do and see, and only spending seven hours there just wasn't enough.

Elizabeth xx


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