Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Painted Lady

Shirt - Primark | Jeans - Topshop | Sneakers - Converse | Jacket - Mudd | Belt - H&M | Scarf - WhoWhatWear x Target | Bag - Target

Hello from San Francisco!  Okay, I suppose I'm no longer in the city (I'm actually getting ready to move back to London, but more on that later), but I'm only now getting through all of the pictures I took whilst on this trip.  I was only in San Francisco for one short day, but I took a week's worth of photos (this is my way of telling you that there will be multiple San Francisco posts but no outfit changes).  I've had family in the area since before I was born, so I've been to the city tons of times.  Despite being there so many times, I felt like I had never gone further than the Forever 21 in Union Square.  I wanted to start experiencing this beautiful city, rather than wasting an entire day away shopping.  I started coming up with famous San Francisco landmarks that I had always wanted to see.  I immediately thought of the Painted Ladies, or what you probably know it as, "the Full House house."  My mom and I took an Uber to get there, as it wasn't very walkable from the ferry building, but once arriving it was a beautiful sight.  The Victorian architecture of the homes balanced perfectly with the surrounding park.  Originally planning on going out for lunch, my mom and I instead just bought some bread and cheese and sat in the park for about an hour.  The normally cool August temperatures were instead warm enough so I could take off my jacket throughout the day.  That's something that most people don't realize about this city is that it's actually at its warmest in the September/October months.  When I told people that I was visiting here, they always told me to dress in layers.  With this mindset, I decided to wear jeans and a long sleeved top with my leather jacket.  However, I also knew that I would be doing lots of walking throughout the day, so I made sure to wear my comfortable Converse.  For a bit of retro flair, I added my small neck-scarf and my new gold belt that I can't stop wearing.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day.  Stay tuned for more California posts.

Elizabeth xx


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