Thursday, August 31, 2017

End of Summer

Shirt - H&M | Shorts - Zara | Belt - H&M | Hat - H&M | Shoes - Steve Madden | Bag - WhoWhatWear x Target | Sunglasses - Juicy Couture x Target

Where did this summer go?  One second it was July 1st, and just in a matter of hours it will be September 1st!  The first half of my summer was pretty relaxing; I was able to hang out with friends and try new restaurants that opened in town whilst I was away this past year (and also discover old, classic ones).  However, once I started looking for a job, the days started flying away.  Eventually I did find a job, and it was an experience I loved.  Now, in less than a week's time I'll be heading back to London.  Of course I'm excited - beyond excited - but this summer has been fun, and I *might* actually miss parts of Montana.

Now onto the important business: the Look.  I purchased this uber-high waisted shorts from Zara rather recently, and they've barely left my body since.  I paired them with a long sleeve shirt and my felt, Greek Fisherman's hat which turned out to not be great choices as it was far too hot to wear them that day.  Luckily my backless loafers weren't too hot (yay for not having to wear socks).  Finally my pink, fuzzy bag for a pop of color; it's the perfect shade of millennial pink.

On the bright side of summer ending, now I can start bringing back all of my favorite fall pieces.  Hello boots and jumpers!!

Elizabeth xx


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