Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Jacket - WhoWhatWear for Target | Dress - Zara | Shoes - Public Desire | Bag - Target

Is it obvious?  I can't stop wearing Target clothes; specifically WhoWhatWear X Target.  When I was in the UK, there were very few things things that I missed about the US.  I mean, London has it all, right?  Practically, but there was still a small Target shaped hole in my heart.  There were times throughout the year where I would send pictures of clothes from the collection that I saw on Instagram and send them to my mom with the caption, "Send please? x".  So when I returned to Montana in June, one of my first stops was the local Target where I immediately spotted this denim jacket.  If you had told me last year that I would be buying myself a denim jacket, I would laugh in your face.  I've always thought that denim jackets either looked too 1980s or too mum-sy.  But within the last year, the 1980s has (unfortunately) come back into style.  Though I'm still not yet sold on the overall trend, I do find a few pieces from time to time that I adore.  I think the detail on this jacket that really sold me, though, were the ruffles.  I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I. Love. Ruffles.  I own far too many pieces with ruffles on them, and I know I will purchase many more.  I decided to add this jacket to a simple black and white shift dress to make sure that the jacket would stand out.  I also threw on my Public Desire flatforms which I haven't worn in forever, and my new bag from Target which I just can't seem to put down.

Elizabeth xx


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