Monday, December 18, 2017


Coat - John Lewis | Trousers - Mango | Shirt - Boohoo | Boots - Asos | Hat - H&M | Bag - Clarks


Once again I took a mini hiatus from the blog.  It wasn't intentional, but this semester has been a lot more intense than previous ones.  I had multiple deadlines within a short period, and I just didn't have time to go out and shoot the content that I wanted.  That being said, the semester ended on a high: a class trip to Paris!  This past week, everyone in my course went on a "field trip" to the City of Lights for three days where we visited concept shops - including the soon to be closed Colette, fashion exhibitions, ate great food, and saw some of the sights.  It was so much fun to be able to visit this gorgeous city with my friends, all of whom wanted to take outfit pictures just as much as I did, haha!

This was my favorite look that I wore during the trip.  As I wrote in my previous wishlist post, I had been eyeing these trousers for ages; cut to Black Friday where everything at Mango was 30% off, and I finally caved and bought them for myself!  All I can say is that I am obsessed with them!  They're a shape that I haven't really worn before, but I think I might be officially over the skinny pant!  These trousers are also surprisingly comfortable and soft.  To make sure that these pants were the *star* of the look, I simply paired them with a black turtleneck and Chelsea boots.  As it's winter, I added my favorite hat, and of course a coat.  However, it was actually warmer in Paris than it has been in London!  Then again, maybe I'm just more used to the cold than some of my classmates, as so many of them were wearing tights and long underwear under their clothes whilst I just had my coat and was practically overheating.  One of the few perks of coming from Montana!!

Now that I'm on break* (*sorta -- I still have some deadlines for January despite classes being over), I have much more time to work on my blog again.  I've really been missing it, and I have a number of upcoming posts planned!  Stay tuned!

Elizabeth xx


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