Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Public Market

Jacket - WhoWhatWear x Target | Shirt - WhoWhatWear x Target | Jeans - Boohoo | Sneakers - Adidas | Belt - H&M | Hat - H&M | Bag - Clarks

Ah, Seattle.  I was able to have a short visit there with my mom on my way to London earlier this month.  I've always lucked out when it comes to Seattle; it's said to have more rainy days per year than London (which seems hard to believe anywhere can have more rainy days), but almost every time I go there the sun comes out.  
On this morning, my mom and I arrived on a sickeningly early flight and the skies were grey as can be.  We prepared by wearing raincoats and bringing umbrellas, but by the time we finished our brunch, the clouds had cleared!  Speaking of brunch, wow, was it good.  We were in Seattle for two full days, and we ate brunch at CafĂ© Campagne both mornings because we enjoyed it so much!  I wish I had taken pictures of my food because not only did it taste fantastic, but it looked gorgeous.  I had the French toast the first morning and the eggs and sausage the second.  Although if I can only recommend one thing above everything else: get the hot chocolate!!  It's a bit pricey, but so worth it.

Now, about *the look.* This coat has been on my wishlist for ages ever since I first saw it on the WhoWhatWear Instastory back in August-ish.  It reminded me of that Alexa Chung for M&S coat that was released sometime in 2016.  I wasn't able to get that one, so when I first saw this one I knew that I had to have it.  Despite it being a Target brand, it was surprisingly hard to find; it wasn't released to most Target stores, and it was only sold online for a limited time.  Amazingly, though, it was being sold at a Target near my aunt, and she kindly gifted this to me for Christmas.  This was the coat's maiden wear out into the world, and I've hardly taken it off since.  Black patent leather can be a lot of look, but it's always been a look that I've loved and perfect for this season.  I can't wait to photograph it against a London backdrop.
The shirt I'm wearing is also a new WhoWhatWear piece that I received for Christmas.  I needed a nice pop of color against all of the black I was wearing.  You can't really tell as I never really took the coat off, but the shirt has cool, high ruffles on it.  I think it's at least the third iteration of a blue, button-up top I own with ruffles on it.  You just can't have too many of them.

You can never really go wrong with Seattle.  Stay tuned, as I have one more Seattle post coming soon.

Elizabeth xx


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