Wednesday, January 10, 2018

12 Looks of 12 Months | 2017

(from left to right)

2017 was... an interesting year to say the least.  Lots of not so great things happened last year, but I was lucky that I was able to fill that year with lots of great things too.  My year began and ended in Paris; in January my friend Ash and I went as a quick trip before the start of the semester, then in December I was able to go again for a class trip.  My year continued with traveling as I was able to go to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in April and travel down part of the Cornish coast in May.  Abu Dhabi was incredible experience that I'll always remember, and I hope that one day I can go again.  Over the summer I returned to Montana where I was able to travel California to visit some family.  2017 was also a year of firsts; in February I had my first London internship, where I was able to work LFW.  I had another London internship at the end of April, and over the summer I had my first real, paying job.
So what's in store for 2018?  Well, for starters I'm hoping for more traveling.  I'd really like to go to Dublin and Copenhagen, so if you have any recommendations please let me know!!  I'd also like to get another internship this year and maybe get a part time job in London.  There's so much to come in the year ahead, and I couldn't be more nervous yet excited!!

Elizabeth xx

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