Sunday, February 19, 2017

Birthday Girl

Blazer - Topshop | Jeans - BDG from Urban Outfitters | Shirt - Boohoo | Boots - Asos | Belt - Asos | Bag - Clark's | Birthday Pin Badge - Sainsburys

I'm over a week late on this post, but never the less, last week it was my birthday!  It wasn't just any birthday either, it was my 20th!  It was rather odd officially saying goodbye to my teenage years, and throughout the day everyone kept asking me how it felt to be 20.  My answer?  I still felt like I did the day before.  I'm sure it's the same with most people, but it almost never sets in right away when I've turned a year older.  That being said, it was one of my greatest birthdays I've ever had.  My friends and I started off the day by going to Masala Zone in Soho for lunch; it's one of my favorite restaurants that I've been to in London, and it has a terrific butter chicken (my favorite).  After a satisfying lunch,  the five of us found Choccywoccydoodah, a shop with amazing chocolate and cake creations.  In the upstairs of the shop they have a cafe, where we each ordered hot chocolate and cake.  I believe the cake I ordered was 7 layers, and I actually wasn't able to finish it because it was so rich and filling.  Although the best part about the shop was when our waitress had the entire cafe sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  I may have turned as red as a tomato, but it was actually a lot of fun.  We finished off the day by being our normal crazy selves and taking funny photos along Carnaby Street.  I'm sure you can believe me when I tell you there are tons more wacky photos of us than just the ones I've posted here.
So, Penny, Amber, Conor, and Holly, thank you all again for a fantastic birthday.  I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate it any other way.

Elizabeth xx


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