Monday, February 27, 2017

LFW Festival

Jacket - H&M | Shirt - Pimkie | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - Public Desire | Belt - Asos | Bag - Clarks

About two weeks ago my course tutors had a class competition to create a creative CV.  Our tutors then decided who designed the best one and awarded tickets to London Fashion Week Festival to the winner.  I spent about a day creating mine, and it all payed off, as I won!  Well, actually I tied with someone else in my course, but she wasn't able to attend and gave me her ticket so I could bring a friend.  So, what is LFW Festival, you ask?  It's the weekend after LFW and is a shopping event along with runway presentations and talks given by industry professionals.  My friend and I went on Saturday morning and had a great time.  We started off the morning with a croissant, then walked around all of the shopping stalls.  Unfortunately most of the shopping was designer, and I couldn't afford it, but it was cool to be able to see everything up close.  We then went to the 'Careers in Fashion' talk where I actually was able to listen to one of my tutors speak.  Afterwards we headed to the runway show on this seasons trends... but not before making a quick stop at the Sarah Baily booth where I picked up a beautiful new wallet.  When we did get to the runway show, some of the trends shown were micro florals, ruffles, and exposed shoulders.  We finished off the day by collecting our LFWF tote bags and, of course, taking these photos.  But I must say, I wish I had noticed the construction going on in the background of the pictures because if I had, I would had shot them from a slightly different angle.  It was a great day, and I hope I can go back again next season.
When it came to what to wear, I wanted to wear an outfit that I could easily walk around in whilst still looking professional.  I'm sure you look at these shoes I'm wearing and think, "easy to walk in?"  Surprisingly, yes.  When I received that back when I was in Montana, they were difficult to walk in as there was only snow and ice on the ground back in January.  Here in London, however, as long as you watch out for the occasional uneven step, they're pretty easy and comfortable.  I bought this blouse when I was in Paris last month and hadn't yet had the chance to photograph it.  I love the shade of blue with the grey trousers.  Finally, I threw on my leather jacket as it's a great staple for any look.

Elizabeth xx



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