Saturday, February 4, 2017

Museums of Paris

Hello, again!  Here are my pictures from both the Rodin Museum and the Louvre.  (And if you're curious about what I'm wearing, I have the details on it here.)  Though the picture above is from the Louvre, I'll be starting with pictures from the Rodin Museum as that's where my friend Ash and I went first that day.  I've been to both the Rodin Museum and the Louvre before, but I'm really glad that I was able to go back to both of them.  Last year when I was enrolled in my local university, I took a few art history classes; although I wasn't technically in the art history major, I really enjoyed those classes and had even more appreciation for art.  The last time I went to these museums I was a bit younger and not as aware of the historical significance behind many of these works.  As substantial as the Louvre is, I especially liked going back to the Rodin Museum; it's smaller and more understated than the Louvre, but it also has beautiful gardens.  Unfortunately, when Ash and I were there most of the gardens were closed; as it turned out, we were there three days before the Dior Couture show, so they were setting up the Alice in Wonderland like runway.
Anyway, this post will have lots of photos in it, and I mean lots.  I just couldn't resist taking so many photos of all of the historical paintings and sculptures.

Elizabeth xx

Musée Rodin

The Louvre


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