Sunday, January 29, 2017

Carousels and Gardens

Coat - John Lewis | Dress - Target | Blouse - H&M | Boots - Asos | Bag - Clark's

Over the course of only four days in Paris, I managed to take over 900 photos.  I nearly filled my 16GB memory card in my camera as I shot in both RAW and JPEG.  Anyway, taking so many photos  then is making it nearly impossible now to decide on which pictures to post now.  So, if it's alright with you, I'm splitting up my 'outfit' pictures with my sight seeing pictures.  For example, today's post will mainly consist of the outfit I wore on my second day in Paris.  However my next post will focus on the museums I went to that day.
So what did I do on my second day in Paris?  Well, Ash and I started out our day at the Rodin Museum.  That museum has been one of my favorites since first going there in 2014.  Afterwards we headed toward the Louvre but made a quick pitstop at the carousel in the Tuileries Gardens.  When I was a toddler I rode on this same carousel and attempted recreating a photo that was taken of me when I was no more than three; I'm not including the picture now as I made the poor decision to wear a dress, which made it surprisingly difficult to choose a place to sit on the ride.  Ash and I then spent at least three hours in the Louvre (and barely scratched the surface in the Louvre's massive collection), where we saw hundreds of paintings and sculptures.  The two of us then ended our day at Angelina's, the famous hot chocolate restaurant in central Paris.  Ash and I agreed; it was definitely worth the hype (and the 20 minutes we spent queuing out front).
I packed a lot of black for this trip.  Paris is famous for its citizens wearing nothing but black; luckily for me, this wasn't a challenge.  Most of my wardrobe already consists of black.  My troubles came from dressing for the weather.  I know exactly how to dress for a mountain winter, and now I'm confident in dressing for a London winter.  Paris, though?  Even though I have been to this beautiful city a number of times before this trip, it had always been in the summer.  I just wasn't quite sure exactly how cold it would be.  Well, I decided to risk it and pack this dress.  When the time came to wear it, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  My original intent was to wear my fishnet tights with this, but I luckily made the wise last minute switch to proper tights and was barely cold.  There were still multiple times where I found my nose to be as red as Rudolph's or that I was constantly putting on my gloves, but as we were inside museums for most of the day it really wasn't too bad.
I hope you enjoyed these Paris pictures; there are many, many more to come!

Elizabeth xx


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