Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Jacket - WhoWhatWear x Target | Jumper - WhoWhatWear x Target | Trousers - Mango | Boots - Asos | Bag - Target

I've been told recently that I need to step up my 'posing game' when it comes to blogging and Instagram.  Multiple people have said this to me, but it can be hard to break out of the molds you're comfortable in.  I also didn't realize that I was stuck in these molds; I go back through my old posts and it's almost laughable how similar my stances are.  Although where it is most apparent is my Instagram; if you go, you'll see squares and squares of me turned ever so slightly to the side looking less than pleased with the world (I'm trying to achieve that cool 'Je ne sais quoi," facial expression that every other blogger seems to have mastered).  I dare you to go through your own Instas and see that you too are probably stuck to the same poses.  So, here I am trying to mix things up, but in the end I feel that I just can't go wrong with my classic, "Oh, I'm just getting my hair out of my face," pose.

I would love if anyone has any tips on how to break free from stiff poses.  Here's what little advice I have to give:

1) Shoot with someone who makes you laugh.  If you're trying to get that 'cool' blogger look that I mentioned earlier, maybe this isn't the best tip for you, but genuinely laughing will give you some great candid shots.

2) If laughing isn't your thing, learn how to "smize."  Back in 2009, Tyra Banks came up with this term of smiling with one's eyes on everyones favorite guilty pleasure show America's Next Top Model.  Me being the obsessive fan that I was* (*still very much am), I believed that I had mastered the smize and could win ANTM.  Now that I'm older, and therefore wiser, I have to give those models credit where it's due.  Smiling with the eyes is trickier than I had thought when I was 13, and is something I'm still trying achieve.

3) Play with your clothes.  Maybe your new coat has some really interesting pockets - well show those babies off!  Exaggerate a bit more than you would normally because it will show off better in a photo.

And the tip that I have the most trouble following for myself...
4) Don't be afraid of your surroundings.  I wish I could say that people passing by aren't actually looking at you and that it's all in your head, but in reality they will be staring.  Some may even make comments.  Just try your hardest not to care.  What I'm constantly reminding myself is that I will never see these strangers again.  Some days I'm just more successful at remembering this than others.

What are some of your go to poses?  Hopefully they're a bit better than mine.

Elizabeth xx



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