Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Don't Tell Mama

Jacket - H&M | Dress - Warehouse | Boots - Bershka | Bag - Target

Hello again!  Long time, no see!  I think we can all agree that the month of April just flew by, and somehow it's already May.  This past month completely overwhelmed me with uni work; it felt like I didn't leave my room for nearly a month.  But the good news is, the semester is now over which means I'm done until September! Yay!  The other good thing that happened recently, was that my uni course was able to go Belgium for three days!  The holiday was so quick, but it was so great to be able to hang out with my course mates outside of a uni setting.  
We took the Eurostar from London to Brussels, however we spent the three days in the city of Antwerp.  Known for its diamonds, it's a beautiful little city by the river.  It has a big fashion scene (hence why we went there) with loads of vintage shops and designer sample sales.  These photos were taken by the Brabo Fountain, one of the main squares in the city as it's right by the town hall.  My friend Ines and I took such a long time taking pictures here, but we were both just so obsessed with the architecture surrounding us.

Stay tuned for a few more Antwerp posts.  I really need to makeup for myself for my lack of posting in April.

Oh, and my title of this post?  It's a reference to a song from the musical Cabaret.  The song, "Don't Tell Mama," has a line in that I thought was very fitting to this trip:

Mama thinks I'm on a tour of Europe
With a couple of my school chums, 
and a lady chaperone.

Mama, doesn't even have an inkling
That I left them all in Antwerp, 
and I'm touring on my own!

Though I never left my school group, I couldn't help but sing this song while I was there!

Elizabeth xx


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