Saturday, June 9, 2018

To the Museums

Dress - Warehouse | Boots - Bershka | Bag - Clarks 

I feel like there are two types of travelers: museum people and non-museum people.  Museum people want to learn about the cities they're visiting by going as many museums as humanly possible and become on expert on the history of which ever city they're in.  Non-museum people tend not to want to spend their entire holiday caged indoors and would rather learn about the city through experience.  I have to say, I'm a museum person.  I love learning about history, and I'd much rather learn about it at a museum than a textbook.  I'm also a sucker for 18th and 19th century paintings, so if I find out that I could be at a museum with a collection of those, that's where I'll want to be.  On this trip to Copenhagen, I went to quite a few museums.  I listed all the ones I went to in my Mini Guide post, but there were still so many that we didn't get to, like The National Museum of Denmark or The Natural History Museum.  We were there for five days, so if we really wanted to, we probably could have gone to every museum in the city (even the small Guiness World Records Museum that we passed one day), but at the same time, we did want to experience the city for ourselves too.  As much as we were learning about arts, culture, and history inside, we were able to also learn about art from the local watercolor painters by the harbor, we learned about the culture by finding out religious holidays are very important to the Danish people and that almost every store will be closed, and we continued learning about history on the boat tour around the city we went on on our last day.

Even though I'll always have a love for museums, maybe non-museum people are onto something.  You really can learn a lot by going out and experiencing things for yourself.

Elizabeth xx



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