Friday, June 15, 2018


Dress - Zara | Sneakers - Converse | Bag - Target

Am I the only one who thinks this dress looks like an old-fashioned baseball jersey?  No?  Just me?  I didn't see it right away either.  When I first saw it on the site, I thought it was just a cute black dress with white statement buttons.  But being the indecisive person that I am, I couldn't just order off the site - I had to try it on first.  When I went in the store, that's when I saw similarities, especially when it's not tied at the waist. 
My original intention for this look was to try and style it in a sporty way... but then I realized that I'm the least sporty person I've ever met, and I don't really have anything in my wardrobe that could really achieve that style.  My only addition that's anywhere near 'athletic' are my Converse, however they haven't been a sports shoe since the '50s.  Giving up a bit on my attempt at the style, I added my favorite ring bag and kept my hair down.  It was a bit breezy that day, so it made for a nice windswept look in these photos.  Either way, I think this will be a great dress for the summer.  It's a light material, meaning hopefully I won't get too hot whilst wearing it.  It's also a different shape than I usually go for; I can't remember the last time I bought a v-neck dress for myself.

Which summer dress trends are you excited for?  I've been seeing some gorgeous floral ones at Zara that I might just have to pick up for myself.

Elizabeth xx



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