Monday, October 29, 2018

Summer Sunset

Trousers - Zara | Top - Forever 21 | Shoes - Steve Madden | Bag - WhoWhatWear x Target

There's just something about October; though autumn officially arrives at the end of September, the transition of seasons usually isn't felt until that next month.  For the past three years, I have struggled to post anything during October, often taking it as a month off so I can recharge and get into the swing of my new class schedule.  This year has ended up being no different, however now I'm left with numerous pictures from the summer that now seem too late to post.  Take these photos, for example; these were taken in late August one gorgeous summer evening in California.  We chased the light as long as we could (hence the variation of exposure throughout these photos) which ended up lasting until 9:00 p.m.  No jackets were needed, but sunglasses were always on (then again, when am I not wearing them).  Yet this week has been filled with cold, rainy days, the constant need for warm jumpers, and sunset being seen at 4:45.  This outfit I would in no way being able to wear currently, but I still like it - so why shouldn't I post it now?  Why let it waste away in my pictures folder in the hopes that I'll post it next summer?  These kick-flare trousers became a staple in my summer wardrobe, and looking at them again now is giving me a few new ideas on how to wear them into these colder months.

Summer sunsets are filled with soft light and tired laughter, while autumnal ones have a quiet, crispness in the air.  I'm not sure which one I prefer, as they both have their qualities, but I will say that I'm never quite used to it being pitch black by five o'clock.

Which is your favorite season?  Are you enjoying the early sunsets?  Let me know in the comments!

Elizabeth xx


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