Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lovely Lady

Jacket - WhoWhatWear x Target | Dress - WhoWhatWear x Target | Sandals - Pull & Bear | Sunglasses - Boohoo

Poll time:
Do you think this dress looks like it should be an extra's costume in a production of Les Miserables? (Specifically the 'Lovely Ladies' scene?)

Yes  |  No

Okay, so you can't actually vote (although I would love to know what you think in the comments), but this was an actual discussion that was had between my mother and myself.  A few months back, my mom sent me a picture of this dress, which with its metal grommets, over-sized bow laced through the front, and midi length made her think of period costumes from musicals... and not the nice ones.  However when I saw the dress, I immediately fell in love with it.  Maybe it's because Les Mis, in fact, is one of my favorite movies, or because I sometimes fantasize about living in another century (not for long though, once I remember that vaccines and indoor plumbing have yet to be invented), but either way, I was hooked and couldn't get this dress out of my mind.  Unfortunately, since it was being sold at Target, I wasn't able to buy whilst living in the UK.  So when I arrived in California this summer, I thought I had long missed the chance of living out my dreams of pretending to be an extra in a stage musical, but my wonderful mom surprised me with it on my first day back.  The dress - apparently - had gone on clearance and lots of stock was left; I suppose no one else wanted to look like a 19th century hooker.  It's their loss though, because this dress has POCKETS.  Are dresses not 10x better upon discovering unexpected pockets?

It ended up being the perfect beach dress for this holiday.  It was nice and flowy, so it caught the breeze well; it was short enough where I didn't really have to worry about it getting wet from the waves, but long enough so I wasn't concerned with accidentally flashing anyone.  I paired it with my floral leather jacket, not because I was chilly, but you know: fa-shun.  I instantly regretted it because of the heat and took it off half way through photo taking.  The sandals ended up being one of the key players of the holiday, and I wore them most days.  I was a bit hesitant on them at first, but since they're real leather they stretched to my feet after the first few days of wearing them and learned to love them.

This dress is now back with me in London, and I'm trying to find things to layer it with so I can wear it into the other seasons.  So far I'm trying some of my frilly shirts... you know, just to give it even more of that Victorian look.  I guess we'll see soon!

Elizabeth xx


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