Wednesday, November 11, 2015

And So It's Here

Coat - Forever 21, Shirt - Forever 21, Jeans - Urban Outfitters BDG Super High Rise,  Sneakers - Adidas Superstars 

Snow.  It's here.  Yesterday it snowed about four inches, which really isn't too bad, but I am always disappointed when the snow starts (I really don't care for snow until December).  However this is not the case for most people in my town; I live in a huge ski town (huge in the sense that over 90% of my town skis).  So when the first snow falls everyone is getting out their skis, even if only a couple inches fell.  I, for one, have never skied in my life and don't intend to start.  So while everyone else is racing off to the slopes, I'm mourning the fact that I can't wear a majority of my shoes anymore.
I based this outfit around the shirt (which, because of the coat, you actually can't see it too well).  I bought it from Forever 21 a while ago, but I had trouble styling it because it's so long and voluminous.  After trying combination after combination, I finally realized that I needed to stop over thinking it; so I eventually decided to just pair it with some simple blue, skinny jeans.  For shoes I decided on my Adidas, but looking back, they ended up getting pretty dirty because of all the puddles of snow and ice right now.  Finally I threw on my grey coat and some gold eye shadow.

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently; it seems like midterms just ended and now I'm busy again with final projects!  But the end of the semester is just around the corner!  Winter break here I come!

Elizabeth xx


  1. Ah I hate the snow so much! Really hope it doesn't snow in England this year. Love your jeans!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks! It's already snowed about six inches here, and it's only December first! I'm not looking forward for what's to come!

      Elizabeth xx


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