Sunday, January 3, 2016

Notting Hill

Coat - Forever 21, Dress - Target, Shirt - Forever 21, Boots - Candies for Kohls, Tote - Target

Have you ever seen the movie Notting Hill?  It's been a favorite of mine for ages, and one of my few regrets from my last trip to London in 2013.  Because of that movies, I had always wanted to go see the neighborhood for myself, but when I was in London in 2013, I just didn't have time to go.  So when this trip came along, I knew I needed to make visiting Notting Hill my top priority.  My first free day in London (my first two days there I was visiting schools), I was on a bus to the neighborhood!
My mom and I went up and down Portobello Road - a dream of mine fulfilled.  We started by shopping at a vintage market where I not only found a cool 1960s dress, but I'm also 95% sure I spotted actress Juno Temple!  If it wasn't her, she was definitely a ringer for the actress.  That market had so many amazing vintage finds; I would have loved to buy everything there from the photos to the clothes.  After meandering around the market for awhile, we continued down the road where I eventually found The Notting Hill Bookshop - the bookshop that inspired the one from the movie Notting Hill!  There I purchased a tote bag with the store's logo on it, however I could have bought paper face masks of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!  After stopping at the book shop, I saw the famous pastel colored homes and just knew that where I wanted to take my outfit pictures.  If I could live in one of those pastel colored houses, my life would be complete.  We also passed by Alice's Antique store, but we didn't have a chance to stop inside.  My mom and I finished the night by leaving Portobello Road and having dinner at a wine bar close to the Notting Hill tube station.  That was one of the best meals I had while I was on the trip!
I love layering turtlenecks with everything, but I love pairing turtlenecks with this dress.  Sometimes when I wear this dress I feel like I should be on the frontier, so I always try and pair non-frontier looking pieces with it, which is why I went with this black and white striped turtleneck.  Finally, because it was chilly, I added tights and my Chelsea boots.
Stay tuned, many more London posts ahead!  Oh, I almost forgot - Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has a fantastic 2016!

Elizabeth xx

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