Saturday, January 9, 2016


Coat - Forever 21, Shirt - Zara, Trousers - Jennifer Lopez for Kohls, Sneakers - Adidas Superstars, Bag - Oasis

I really wanted to see all parts of London, so on this day of the trip my mom and I ventured out to the East End.  We spent the beginning of the day vintage shopping out by Brick Lane, where I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures.  On Brick Lane, there was a specific shop that I wanted to stop at: Hunky Dory Vintage.  If you've seen the movie About Time (my favorite movie), the character of Mary lives above that shop, so it became a top priority of mine.  It was at the very end of Brick Lane (the opposite end from where I started), but once I found it, it was a great shop!  They have tons of clothes and accessories from the 1950s and 1960s, but it goes up to the 1980s.  There I tried on an adorable, grey, 1960s dress, but alas, it was too small.  I didn't leave empty handed though,  as I found a small, black and red purse that I would guess is also from the 1960s.
After roaming around Brick Lane, we found ourselves at Old Spitalfields Market.  We didn't do too much shopping there, just a gift bought for a friend, but we did eat at Square Pie Company.  When I was in London in 2013, I also went to Spitalfields Market and ate at Square Pie Company, and it was still as good now as it was then.
I found it interesting how modern the East End was.  People always hear about the East End being rough and dodgy, but many new businesses are opening up in the area, thus gentrifying the area.  With the gentrification of the area, there are many, many modern buildings that you wouldn't find in many other areas of London.  I probably took too many pictures, but I just loved the contrast of the old and the new.
I picked up this turtleneck at Zara and immediately fell in love with it.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but in the corner of the shirt it has a heart with wings, a cassette tape, and a donut.  Being a fan of turtlenecks and donuts, how could I say no to this shirt?  Wanting to keep this look kind of casual, I decided to wear my Adidas but also these looser trousers for a bit of a different shape from my skinny jeans.  I also noticed that it seemed like 90% of London women have this "drop all/hobo" style tote bag; when I found this suede and leather one on clearance at Oasis I decided to pick it up.  Finally I wore my grey, Forever 21 coat because it was the only coat I brought with me.

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