Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nearby Gardens

Coat - John Lewis, Jumper - New Look, Jeans - BDG from Urban Outfitters, Boot - Candies from Kohls, Purse - Clarks

Right across from where I was staying was a cute little garden; it would be a perfect place for morning coffee... when it's not raining.  Unfortunately for me, it rained for the majority of the days I was there.  However that didn't stop me from its photogenic beauty.  I knew from the moment I arrived that I wanted to take pictures in there.
While I was in London, I treated myself to a new coat from the department store John Lewis.  As far as I'm aware, John Lewis isn't available in America, so this made it a great souvenir  to remember the trip.  I know that I already have a grey coat that's somewhat similar to this (see: all of my other London posts), but I've always wanted a really nice coat, and my other one is just from Forever 21.  Putting it on for the first time just felt amazing (and not just because it's made from Italian wool).  
This was the first time wearing my new coat, so I wanted a simple look that would put the focus on the coat.  I love the combination of the colors grey and camel, and I had just picked up this jumper from New Look earlier in the week; together the two pieces complimented each other beautifully.  Not wanting to bring more colors in, I figured black jeans and boots would be best (because is black really a color?).
Walking back to where I was staying, I saw this blue door.  Even though it's clearly not the same blue door from the movie "Notting Hill," I just couldn't resist a picture.

Elizabeth xx

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