Sunday, January 17, 2016

Look Kids, Big Ben!

Coat - Forever 21, Jumper - JCPenny, Skirt - Zara, Boots - Candies (Kohls), Tote - Oasis, Gloves - Target

Back in the swing of things!  This week I started back at school, so I'm now officially in my second semester at university!  In other news, though, I've also officially sent in my transfer applications to universities in the UK!  I'm so excited, but first I have to wait.
Even though I'm back at school, I still have tons of London photos that I want to share!  My mom and I stopped by Big Ben on Christmas Eve; we didn't go inside Parliament or anything, but we took lots of pictures on the bridge and by the river.  It was incredibly windy and made me regret wearing a skirt.  There were multiple occasions, especially when I was right by the river, when I felt like I was going to have a Marilyn moment.  It also became very cold, and as you can see in some of the above photos, I had to put on gloves.  At least I was wearing a warm jumper!
Even though I was cold, seeing Big Ben was a great way to spend Christmas Eve.  I still have some London posts left, so stay tuned!
(Oh, also I hope you like the joke I made in the title; if you don't get it, it's just a reference to the movie European Vacation.)

Elizabeth xx

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