Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dial C for Chokers

Choker - Self made, Jacket - Mudd, Shirt - Thakoon for Kohls, Jeans - BDG (Urban Outfitters), Sandals - Target, Purse - Clarks

Is anyone else choker obsessed?  I'm sure you are, as they're a major trend at the moment!  Only a week ago I didn't own a single one, but now I have five!  Where I live, there aren't a ton of places that sell them; my options were to either buy them online or purchase them at Claire's.  I found the selection not to be the best at Claire's, and I'm also too cheap to pay for shipping for a $5 necklace.  Not pleased with my options, my mother generously offered a third one: she would make one for me.  So we ventured to the fabric store, bought four different types of ribbon, and she happily made five different chokers for me.  Thanks, Mom! 
As I like to remind my friends any family, they're not just a trend from the 1990s, but also a trend from the 1790s!  Chokers have actually been popular pretty consistently throughout history, and now they're once again back.  Today, I did style my choker with other trends from the 1990s rather than the 1790s (I found it hard to find a historically accurate dress) by adding my platform sandals and nude lipstick.  As someone who was once a self-proclaimed hater of 1990s fashion, right now I'm definitely on board with all of the trends coming from that decade!

Elizabeth xx

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