Friday, July 1, 2016

Le Premier de Juillet

Dress - Forever 21, Shoes - Clark's

Can you believe it's already July?  Where has this year gone?  It seems like only yesterday I was starting college.  Today was my first day of an internship at a wedding boutique!  Since it was my first day, I decided to dress up a bit.  I love this denim dress from Forever 21 because it can easily be dressed up or down.  Today I styled it with these Mary Janes that I bought when I was in London back in December.  As much as I love the style and the gold color (they remind me of something that would have been worn in the 1960s - my favorite decade), my favorite part is how comfy they are!  For as many shoes that I own, I don't have too many that are super comfortable.  But, because these shoes are made by Clarks, I can wear them all day long.  Finally I added a dash of this new Maybelline lipstick I recently picked up; a while ago I lost one of my favorite lipsticks, and I've been trying to replace it.  I like this color, but it's a little darker than what I was looking for.  Anyway, I had a great first day at the boutique, and I'm really excited to spend my summer there!

Elizabeth xx


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