Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Steven Tai FW18

 Steven Tai FW18

In my last post, I talked about how I was able to go to a show during the most recent London Fashion Week.  I was very lucky as I was able to attend this presentation thanks to my course leader, as she was able to get everyone in my course a place on the list.  The presentation was very untraditional in that sense that it wasn't a catwalk, but it also incorporated AR - or augmented reality - technology.  It was hard to capture in photos, but behind the models is a screen, which has a live broadcast of the room.  However, the broadcast was in a different location than the actual show space; the space was a historical building in the heart of Westminster, whilst the screen showed the models standing on a Chinese street.  The other difference between the screen and reality was that the screen showed an extra model who wasn't really on the stage.  In actuality, it was a model behind the stage wearing a grey spandex suit, but having Steven Tai's designs broadcasted onto her.
The show itself wanted to capture to essence of a Chinese food market.  On stage was a small food stall featuring street foods common of the area.  Also on stage sat a table of elders playing cards.  I thought I had taken at least one picture of the table, but when going through my photos I couldn't find a single one!  I think what happened was that I was switching back and forth between my digital and film camera, and I ended up only taking a picture of the table on the film camera.  I wish there was a picture for you all to see, though, as the folks clearly couldn't be bothered by anything other than their game.
When it came to the clothes, Tai stuck to mostly neutral and autumnal tones - perfect for a fall show.  The pieces were all very wearable, yet unique in their own way.  His standout pieces were his outerwear.  All of the coats clearly had lots of time and effort put into them, with lots of intricate detailing.  My favorite was the blue coat seen in the first photo (if you couldn't already tell, as I believe I have more photos of that coat than anything else), although the pink and blue suit was also a top contender for me.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!  Hopefully attending and writing about shows will be something that I can do more of in the future.  :)

Elizabeth xx


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