Saturday, December 29, 2018


Barette - Man Repeller | Skirt - H&M | Jumper - WhoWhatWear x Target | Boots - Dr. Martens | Bag - Holly Fulton 

I distinctly remember a time in high school when an acquaintance asked me about my sense of style.  As I was describing it, I said I considered myself to be a "man repeller."  She immediately was appalled and asked why I would want to repel men?  You see, it was in high school when I discovered the Man Repeller site and fell in love.  It consisted of these women who cared more about fashion than what anyone else - particularly men - thought about it.  I knew then and there that I would never let anyone dictate to me on what to wear.  I don't want to repel men; I don't want to repell anyone, but I will always wear what I love.
Cut to years later and Man Repeller launches a mini accessories collection.  As I was browsing through their pieces, I spotted these "Repeller" barrettes.  When I saw them I was transported to that moment back in high school and realized how pivotal it was in shaping my opinions on fashion.  I knew I had to have it, and was lucky enough to get it as a Christmas gift after subtle okay not so subtle hints.  I joke about that moment from high school now a days, and as my mom said when she gave the barrette to me, "you can wear it so you can actively repel men!"

I'm so in love with this red barrette now that I have it.  I've never been a huge accessory/jewelry person in the past (one of the reasons why my mom was hesitant to get it for me), but it's barely left my hair since.  The red is an amazing pop of color against my nearly white hair.  I have figured out that it stays in my hair better when it's curled, another thing I'm not normally one to do.  But as it's the holiday season I have the time and the motivation to curl it.  I actually really like how it looks, so I might just have to invest in a curling iron back in London.  I paired the barrette with this skirt I picked up in London shortly before I returned to Montana for the holidays.  I don't know if you found this to be true, but it felt to me that everyone on Instagram owned this skirt.  I had to hunt to find it though, as literally no H&M had my size.  After going to about six H&Ms, I finally found the skirt in the size above mine, but as it has a belt that can easily tighten the waist I decided to get it.  As someone who's always loved a bit of retro clothing, I can't get over the classic 1950s shape of it.  I paired these with a simple black turtleneck so the barrette would steal the show.

I hope you all have a happy new year!  I think this will probably be my last post of the year, so I'll see you all again in 2019!!


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