Monday, July 14, 2014

Portland and Seattle Haul

I'm sure you notice that these items are laying on a bed, instead of me modeling them (with my amazing modeling skills) like on my last haul post.  Alas I would, but I just had my wisdom teeth removed.  If any of you have experienced getting your wisdom teeth removed, or are familiar with it at all, I'm sure you're aware of the side effect of "chipmunk cheeks" (the medical term for them, of course).  I decided that all of you didn't need to see my sad and puffy cheeks, so I decided to just display my haul on a bed instead.  That being said, let's begin.

H&M Rings and Midi Rings Set - 
I bought these at the H&M in Seattle.  While I was at the Summer Studio in Portland, there were a lot of girls in my class rocking midi rings.  When I saw this set at H&M I knew it was perfect because of it minimalist characteristics.  

Vintage Naturalizer Pumps -
I scored these at Red Light Clothing Exchange in Portland.  Portland is known for being a hipster haven.  And what is something that hipsters tend to love?  Vintage.  So it was not at all hard to find vintage shops there.  Red Light Clothing Exchange isn't technically a vintage store, rather more of a resale store with some vintage finds. 
I'm not exactly sure when these shoes are from; I would guess they are from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.  I don't know about you, but I have a surprising amount of trouble finding vintage shoes in my size.  I don't even have that large of feet (7 1/2 American).  I'm starting to think that women's feet are getting larger and wider as time goes on.  Because of this, I was ecstatic when I found a pair of cute, vintage shoes that actually fit!

H&M Spotted Button-up Crop Top - 
I purchased this at the H&M in Portland.  It's pretty basic, but I love everything about it: it's black and white, it buttons up, it has a nice collar, it's just a great summer basic.

H&M Très Mignon Jumper - 
Another thing from H&M?  Yep.  I just can't help it.  Coming from a place that doesn't have an H&M in it's entire state, whenever I see an H&M I must go in and browse (even if I had just been there a day or two before, in Portland).  When I told some of the girls from the Summer Studio that I came from a place that didn't have an H&M, a Forever 21, and very few vintage stores in my entire state, they about lost it.

Vintage Red Dress - 
I found this dress at House of Vintage in Portland.  Let me tell you something about that place, it is endless!  I got lost a bit inside because it is so huge.  The store had so many amazing items, clothing and more.  
The dress itself I would guess is from about the same time as the shoes, the late '60s to the early '70s.  It has a great A-line skirt, and I'm excited to wear it. 

H&M Black Midi Dress - 
Well, it's supposed to be a midi dress.  I'm that when it's on a six foot model it's a midi dress, but when it's on someone who's seven inches shorter than that it's practically a maxi dress.  I'm not really a maxi dress person, but I'm confident that I (*cough* my mom *cough*) can hem it and make it a better length.  Once it's hemmed, it will be a great item for fall and winter as its layering possibilities are endless.  Also I apologize for the photo of it.  I wish I could have gotten a better angle on it, but I just couldn't reach it.  It's also just a long black dress making it hard to see it's shape and details (luckily there really aren't any).

So what did you think of this haul post?  I would love to hear your feedback.  If you want to compare it to my last haul, here's the link.  Which haul post style do you like better?

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