Sunday, July 20, 2014

When the Moose Come Calling

Today I have more of a life post rather than a fashion or style post.  I live in a place that I feel is just so beautiful.  At the same time, I can't wait to leave to go to a big city.  So it's times like this where I can really appreciate where I live, while I'm still here.
Last night I went "camping" with my aunt, uncle, and mom.  However my mom and I didn't spend the night for two reasons:  1) I'm really not a camping person, and 2) I haven't been sleeping well since my wisdom teeth surgery.  So, mainly because of reason number two, my mom and I just left the camp site in the evening while my aunt and uncle stayed the night.  We did the normal camping things, I would say: we ate dinner, we went down by the creek, we lit a fire and ate s'mores, and saw some wildlife.  The wildlife I normally see are chipmunks, squirrels, maybe a deer or two, but this time we saw moose.  Yes, moose. 
Let me say this, though I live in small town in the Rocky Mountains, seeing moose is not the norm.  I, in fact, have never seen a moose before let alone two!  Turns out all I needed to do was drive 45 minutes out of town to see some.  Seeing these moose was amazing because it was a mother and her child.  The baby moose was just so adorable and curious.  Both of them ended up walking directly into our campsite.  It was truly an amazing experience.
This next morning I woke with about a dozen mosquito bites, but eating those delicious s'mores and seeing those moose was definitely worth it. 

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