Thursday, May 5, 2016

Half and Half

Jacket - Mudd, Shirt - New Look, Jeans - Topshop Mom Jeans, Sandals - Target, Purse - Clarks, Sunglasses - Tahari

It's official: I've completed my first year at university.  This week has been finals week, and I had my last exam yesterday.  I still have to wait a few days to receive my grades, but I'm officially on summer break!  I'm especially excited because I've been accepted to study fashion in London!  I'll give you more details when it gets closer, but this fall I'll be leaving the Rocky Mountains behind and following my dreams to London.  I'm pretty darn excited.
This week, it's been getting really warm again.  Sandals are now the shoe of choice around town; while most of the locals sport Chacos, I much prefer my flatforms.  I paired them with my mom jeans that I haven't been able to take off since I got them and attempted "half-tucking" my shirt.  What do you think of this trend?  I've seen it done with tons of bloggers and on the Topshop site, but my mom just doesn't get it.  Maybe this should be a "Trends My Mom Hates"?  Anyway, lastly I draped my jacket because it was just too warm to actually wear it.

Elizabeth xx

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