Sunday, April 23, 2017

Abu Dhabi | Emirates Palace

Dress - WhoWhatWear for Target | Shoes - Clarks | Bag - Clarks

Hello again!  Well, after finishing some assignments for the end of the semester, I flew off to Abu Dhabi to visit some family.  I had never been to that part of the world before, so I was really excited to experience it.  I wasn't exactly sure what I'd think of Abu Dhabi considering I'm not at all a heat person and temperatures were across the 30s(C)/90s(F) the whole week I was there.  Luckily since everything is air conditioned, I actually wasn't too bothered by the high temperatures.

I was only there for a week, and even though on paper that seems like plenty of time, it all went so quickly that I feel like I was barely able to scratch the surface.  One of the things I knew I had to do was see the Emirates Palace.  This palace is actually a hotel that anyone can stay in (if you can afford the £1000 a night fee).  However, right next door to it is the Sheikh's palace.  My family told me that when the Emirates Palace was built, the Sheikh liked it so much that he had a bigger one built for himself.  The Sheikh's Palace is obviously private to the public, but since the Emirates Palace is a  hotel, anyone can go and walk around.  When going to see it, there will be some security to make sure you're dressed appropriately; the UAE is a very modest country when it comes to clothing.  Women should try and cover their shoulders and knees and some places don't even allow men wearing shorts.  Also, the beach is private to anyone who's not staying at the hotel.  Even without being allowed on the beach, it's still an absolute must-see because of its beautiful architecture and extravagance.  And if you're hungry, they have a restaurant for meals and afternoon tea.

Packing for this trip was a bit of a challenge when considering all of their dress codes.  I definitely wanted to respect their culture and dress appropriately.  Luckily I like a challenge when it comes to getting dressed and was able to find things that would cover everything that needed to be covered.  The dress I'm wearing in these photos ended up being perfect as it covered my knees (unless the wind caught it in just the right way) but was made out of a very light material so I wasn't too hot.  It's also a great piece for dressing up or down.  In the past I've worn it with my Adidas, but it works just as well (if not better) with Mary Janes, too.  I would've worn it more than once on my trip if I hadn't over packed so much (I was there for seven days but for some reason brought 13 shirts with me).

I think that's all for this post; I took so many photos on this trip that I have at least another four posts lined up, so stay tuned!!

Elizabeth xx


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