Tuesday, April 25, 2017

View from the 74th Floor

This may have been the highlight of my trip, but then again, I had so much fun that it's hard to pick one favorite.  Either way, this is something that I definitely recommend as an Abu Dhabi must.  Right across the street from the Emirates Palace are the Etihad Towers.  In tower two, they have an observation deck and afternoon tea service on the 74th floor.  The food served at the tea I can easily say was some of the best food I've had in my life.  When my family and I arrived, we were seated and given a menu; with the afternoon tea package, you can order unlimited tea and coffee, but other drinks are an additional charge.  We were then very much surprised when they gave us complimentary mocktails.  I'm not normally much of a fruity drink person, but again, these were delicious and I wish I could remember what they were called.  After the rest of our drinks arrived, we were given the first of our many treats: the tower of finger foods.  The bottom tray consisted of finger sandwiches, which personally I wasn't a huge fan of, but the other two only had sweet treats, so of course I devoured them.  The standouts, for me, were the chocolate cake, the cheesecake, the Madeleine, the donut, and the apple pie.  As I was happily eating away at these treats, my family surprised me with a birthday cake.  I know what you're thinking, yes my birthday was back in February, but I wasn't able to see my family for my birthday (the last time I had seen them was October or November).  This cake was the most chocolatey thing I'd ever eaten, therefore making it the best thing I'd ever eaten.  By the time I finished the cake, I was already getting full, when the staff came around and brought us our scones.  Only moments after giving us our scones, they came back and asked when we wanted our brownies!!  It was all so tasty, but I just simply couldn't finish everything (despite wanting to so badly).  In the end, I was only able to eat maybe half of the brownie and literally only a bite of the scones.  My advice?  We learned at the end that you can take leftovers home with you, so don't eat everything from the food tower so you have more room for scones and brownies (the way the brownies are served, it would be nearly impossible to bring that home as leftovers).  After finishing our wonderful meal, we walked around the observation deck to look at the fantastic views of Abu Dhabi.

If you're going to Abu Dhabi anytime soon, I would definitely recommend this.  You can read a bit more about it here, where it has prices, dress codes, etc.  

Elizabeth xx


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