Monday, April 3, 2017

The Bloggers Market | Pastel Paradise

For the past few years, The Bloggers Market was something that would pop up on my Bloglovin' newsfeed, and I would sadly ignore.  You see, I desperately wanted to go, meet my favorite bloggers, and get some good deals on nice clothes.  But being located in Montana, my mom would always (understandably) say no when I begged to go.  Now, however, the tables have turned, and I'm living in London.  So when The Bloggers Market popped up on my newsfeed a few weeks ago, I excitedly clicked "Going" on the event page.
This year, the theme of the market was 'Pastel Paradise.'  There were seven bloggers there selling pieces perfect for spring.  Though all of the bloggers there are amazing and established, I was mainly there because Carrie from WishWishWish would be there.  I've been following her for a few years now, and I love her style.  When my friend Penny and I arrived at the market, we actually missed Carrie's booth at first, despite her's being right by the entrance.  We walked around and browsed through all of the sellers.  I quickly found a pair of shoes from Olivia's booth (What Olivia Did) that I just couldn't resist.  Eventually we did find Carrie's booth, where I was able to introduce myself and tell that I'm an avid reader of her's.  She was just as lovely as I expected.  I didn't end up buying anything from her, though she definitely had a good selection of things.  Right next to her booth was a candy bar with free sweets from SugarSin.  The candies were so good, and the fact that they were free made them even more delicious.  After taking snaps for our Instastories, we found there were also free manicures being done, but we instead decided to sign up for the marbling workshop hosted by Pup Tart.  After doing the workshop, I felt ready to quit uni and become a professional marble painter... okay, maybe not, but I really did enjoy it.  Since we had so much fun doing that workshop, we decided to also do the bullet journaling one and managed to get the last to slots!  That one was hosted by Ohh Deer, a brand I'm constantly browsing, but have yet to buy anything from them.  During that workshop, we obviously learned the basics of bullet journaling but were given a bag full of goodies - including a beautiful notebook - so we can begin bullet journaling for ourselves.  Finally, though I don't have any pictures on here, we were able to get free custom prints from The Lovely Drawer.  I chose my favorite quote for her to write for me:

"If you're tired of London, you're tired of life."

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  I very much hope that I can go again to the next one - whenever that may be.  Stay tuned for my OOTD from The Bloggers Market; I'll have it up later this week.  :)

Elizabeth xx


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