Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Shirt - H&M | Jeans - BDG | Sneakers - Adidas Superstars | Backpack - Zara

What do you do after hiking 4+ miles in a skirt?  You change into some jeans, then walk around some more!  My friends and I only spent one night in St. Ives, so we wanted to make the most of everything.  I think I said this in an earlier post, but St. Ives is pretty small, so you can get through most of the town in a day.  Even so, it's fun to walk through the same parts of the town during different times of the day.  These same cobblestone streets, which are near empty in these photos, were mobbed only hours earlier with tourists.
We finished off our evening by grabbing a quick bite to eat and admiring the ocean.  Eating did become a bit challenging, though, because we had to hide our food from the surrounding seagulls.  You know that phrase, "they're more scared of you than you are of them?"  Definitely not true when it comes to these seagulls.  Earlier in the day, one nearly grabbed a pasty out of my friend's hands, and a bit later when I grabbed some ice cream, the server warned me about them.  We were on patrol of them the rest of the trip!

Elizabeth xx


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