Saturday, July 1, 2017

St. Ives on Film

To end my holiday series on Cornwall, I decided to post some film pictures that I took while I was in St. Ives.  Despite having a nice digital camera (and my phone, for that matter), I've been inspired by some blogs I've been reading recently, like The Twins Wardrobe, to take film pictures.  I used to have my own SLR camera that I loved, but unfortunately it wasn't really mine; it was my uncle's.  After I was finished using it for a class, I gave it back to him.  However, wanting to still take some film pictures, I stopped Boots and grabbed one of their disposable cameras (which you can see in the top photo).  I hadn't used one in years, and wasn't sure how the quality would turn out, but in the end I love the authentic look they give.  (I had the photos developed at Snappy Snaps, BTW.). They have absolutely zero editing done to them, which for a fashion blog is practically unheard of, but none the less, I love these photos.  I definitely think I'll be taking more film pictures in the future.

Elizabeth xx



  1. I love the pictures- such creative and vintage feel to them- plus you look gorgeous! I love St Ives, I went there in September for a wedding and fell in love | Lydia Moxham | xx

    1. Thank you!! I loved St. Ives a lot more than I expected to, and I can't wait to someday go back!

      Elizabeth xx


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