Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Shirt - Princess Vera Wang | Jeans - Topshop | Sandals - Stradivarius | Bag - vintage | Belt - Asos

So I wasn't planning on posting anything today, mainly because I still had London pictures to put up.  However when I got dressed today, I thought it was a perfect 4th of July look, and just knew that I needed to go and shoot it.

These last few years I haven't been as into the Fourth of July.  When I was a kid, the Fourth was always right up there with Christmas and Halloween; at one point, I even remember telling my mom that I wanted to get married on then.  But these last few years, firework restrictions have gotten tighter, friends have moved away, and over all, the day has just seemed more lack luster.  This year was looking to be the same, with no fireworks being bought and our usual family friends not being here.  Luckily though, one of my other friends invited me to watch fireworks with her and bake beforehand (shoutout to Veronika!).  So when I woke up this morning, I was automatically feeling more festive.  As I'm sure you're aware of, I don't own a ton of color, so I set out to look for American inspired patterns.  What's more Americana than gingham?  Paired with my denim blue jeans and a little red bag, I was ready to hit the town in my Fourth of July inspired look.

Like I said in my previous post, I still have one more London based post coming up later this week, so stay tuned.  I'm trying to have more fun this season with summer clothes; I'm normally more of a fall/winter dresser, so I sometimes get lost in the summer.  But this year I'm hoping to let loose and just have more fun!

Elizabeth xx


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