Friday, July 7, 2017

À Demain

Shirt - Zara | Skirt - Zara | Boots - Asos | Bag - Zara

There's something about the view of the Millennium Bridge that I love; I've taken many photos there before, and I suspect I'll take many photos there in the future.  When it came down to my final few days in London, my friends suggested we go to the Tate.  We had a wonderfully relaxing day there; there was even an interactive exhibit on one of the floors where we could draw, drink free tea, put stickers on the walls, and decorate boxes.  One of my friends decorated his cardboard box like a robot, placed it on top of his head, and walked around the area saying things like, "I am Ed-bot."  It's hard to translate just how funny it was over text, but my friends and I were in hysterics (and also rather embarrassed).  The Tate also has great views of London where we were able to see everything from St. Paul's Cathedral to the Shard.  After spending a fair amount of time at the museum, we walked to the bridge where we could see Tower Bridge in the distance.  We finished our evening in the West End, where we saw The Play That Goes Wrong.  Honestly it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen.  Please, take ten minutes out of your day to watch this clip of the show - you won't regret it.  The same production company has another play currently in the West End called The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, and my friends and I are just dying to see it when we all get back to London in September.

It was a great day spent with great friends.  I can't wait to be back.

Elizabeth xx


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